Sunday, April 28, 2013

Waterproof Cast for Kids Summer vacation Saved Waterproof Cast Padding AquaCast

This year so many kids will miss out on swimming with their friends due to a broken leg or broken arm.  If only their parents knew they now have waterproof casts for kids (Adults too).   Delta Dry is a unique product that is a waterproof cast padding.
If you compare it with other brands, you will see it conforms better with the limb.  The problem with other brands such as AquaCast Waterproof cast padding.  AquaCast becomes bunchy under the casting tape.  This may seem ok at first, but have you ever had your socks bunch up in your shoes.   You get the idea, it's not very comfortable.  AquaCast also is a much thinner cast so you have to worry when the cast is to be removed you don't get burned by the cast saw.  No wonder Gore decided to do away with the product and discontinue making it.  There is so many better brands out on the market now.

If you are unlucky enough to have broken a leg or arm.  You can take this great waterproof cast padding to your doctor.  Because of inventory costs, most doctors offices DO NOT carry the product on site.  You will need to buy it and take it with you to the doctors office.  If you buy it online, you also have the option to add any color casting tape you want to your kit.  Sometimes doctors offices are limited in the color they have on stock.  Here is a link below that sells waterproof cast kits and you cast choose from 11 different colors of casting tape.