Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Repair a broken or dirty leg or arm cast! Or simply change the color!

If you are ever in an orthopedic cast.  You will want to know how to repair a broken cast.  A good many people end up with a cast either get it dirty or broken.  Or sometimes some idiot writes something stupid or obscene on your cast and you want to remove it.  Usually if you have to have an orthopedic cast on for 6-8 weeks.  It is bound to get dirty or broken and in need of cleaning or repair at some point.  Especially if you're a kid or someone who has to continue to work despite being in a cast.
Watch what they write on your cast!
Now hopefully your cast is just broken slightly or a little dirty.
Very dirty broken cast!!
The cast in that last photo is a little too dirty.  But it can be fix and cleaned up a bit.
I'm going to suggest how you go about repairing your own orthopedic cast.

(Don't tell your doctor or they will get mad and feel only an ego inflated person can repair a cast with 20 years of college)

Remember this is at your own risk.  Most of the time a doctor will want you to come back for an expensive cast change so they can charge you a ton of money to fix your broken leg or arm cast with a cast change.

First, clean the cast up a bit by using a sponge or rag to wipe away the dirt.
If you have a waterproof cast, then it's easy to just get in the shower to hose it off.

Now to fix your broken or cracked cast.
First you need to order 1 or 2 rolls of Fiberglass casting tape.  You can also change the color of the cast if you ever feel like it using this method too.

Second. Once you order your roll or two of casting tape (always better to buy extra in case you make a mistake)  ALSO MAKE SURE YOU USE GLOVES!!  I don't want to hear anyone say, I have resin all over my fingers how do I get it off!
If you do get your hands dirty from Fiberglass tape, You can use Acetone, nail polish remover to get it off.  You may have to soak you fingers.
Third, Take the roll out of the pack, and dip it in room temp water.  Make sure you have gloves one.  Now start to roll around the dirty cast or broken cast area.  You need to go over it about 2 layers to get it think enough to be repaired.

Hey you did it! now let it dry and it should be a solid repaired cast in a few minutes.

Order the casting tape by the roll and your latex gloves here:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

BrokenLeg Tibia Fibular Fracture Story of a Broken Leg or Arm

Ouch! Yes it's a brokenleg or broken arm.  If you have ever broken your leg or arm you know how difficult it can be to get around.  Most of the time you are stuck sitting on the couch surfing the net until your broken leg heals and the leg cast is removed.

Through your search you find many different thing regarding a broken leg.  What color cast you might get?  How you might decorate your leg cast?  Ways to take care of your cast?  Even little accessories for your crutches and ways to keep your cast clean and water free.  But often what is missing is to be able to communicate with another person who is going through the same thing you are going through.  Sitting on the couch with you brokenleg elevated on a pillow encased in fiberglass from your toes to your thigh.

What if you could tell your story of what happened?  How it happened? and also what you're feeling while stuck in this temporary body jail cell.  Often  you wish you could simply record your story so you wouldn't have to play it for everyone who asked you what happened?  Seem everywhere you go, all you get is a stare and a WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU??  Kind of seem like the same question over and over again you almost get sick of telling it.  Maybe even at times your tempted to embellish the story a bit of how you were skiing in Colorado or mountain biking in France.  But more than likely it's not as glamorous as that and  you just want to find someone who may have a similar story as you.  Perhaps they are looking for your broken leg story right now.
We'll I found it!  The perfect place to tell your story and hear from others who are broken and stuck in a cast just like you:

The Broken Bone Diaries were created for the user to be able to tell their story and pour their heart out of the frustration they are facing.  Go ahead get it a try.  It's sure to pass the time and help you get better!

Itching Cast. Stopping the Itchy Cast

OMG my itching cast is driving me crazy!
Is there any way to get relief for this itchy cast?

At this very moment you'll put anything down there to get some relief from that itching cast.

There are many different options for relieving an itchy cast.

(1) You could try putting a wooden spoon down the cast and getting to that itch.  A ruler can often work for itching your cast as well. Helping you to reach the area that is inflicting its death grip on your skin.

One of the reasons you are having itching cast symptoms is due to bacteria on the skin. You have not been able to clean that part of your leg or arm for some time. The itch monster is now unleashing his buddies causing you to have an itchy cast.

(2) Sani-Cast is an option that can help to keep your cast clean and fresh while in a leg or arm cast. The folks at Sani-Cast came up with the idea to use a moist disc or pad on the end of a stick.  Sani-Cast allows you to clean the inside of your orthopedic cast. The pad is pre-moistened with a cleaning formula which quickly evaporates leaving your skin/cast liner smelling fresh and clean.

Having a clean cast is not only sanitary, but it helps keep the itchy cast under control. So if you're looking to stop an itchy cast, look no further. Try Sani-Cast today:

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