Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CAM Walkers

A ankle CAM Walker is a medical walking boot that limits the movement of the ankle and or foot. An adjustable ankle joint can be set to restrict movement or allow a set amount of movement
to occur. A CAM Walker may be prescribed for a severe sprain or after cast removal.
Cam Walkers differ by either being non-inflated or by an having an inflatable bladder.

  • Adjustable inflation allows the patient to inflate the air bladder to the needed compression and stabilization (often called AIR Cam Walkers). Air cam walkers accommodate the swelling patterns that occur throughout the rehabilitation process.
  • Pre-inflated cam walkers are at a fixed compression providing extra support.
  • Non-inflated cam walkers have no compression but, provide basic support for patients with minor injuries.
  • ROM (Range-of-Motion) Cam Walkers allow the ankle angle to be fixed at a set point or allowed a range of movement between a set angle. There is also a rocker bottom cam walker, thus its name, which allows a natural rocking motion of your foot. You may need to ask your health care provide if the ankle needs to be fixed or allowed to move.
  • Cam Walkers also differ by the base of the foot. Some are wide for a comfort fit and some have memory foam to conform to the foot. CAM walkers are also designed to fit either foot and come in HIGH and LOW top depending on your desired look.
  • http://orthotape.com/cam_walkers.asp

    Adjustable Inflation CAM WALKERS
    Royce Medical Equalizer Premium Air Cam Walker
    This cam walker offers OSSUR's best supporting cam walker with easy inflation adjustment to the desired support level needed for the patient.
    Pacesetter Air Cam Walker
    This is the runner up next to Royce / Ossur's cam walker.
    Pacesetter Air Cam Walker our premium of the Pacesetters has inflatable bladder for desired stability and compression. Wide foot plate for patient comfort and stability. Also has a rocker bottom that allows for a natural rolling pattern while walking.

    The Equalizer Premium Air Walker is a simple, adjustable solution that combines functionality and superior fit into a comfortable product.

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