Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WaterProof Casting

There are many ways to make a cast waterproof. The best is to use Gore Procel Waterproof cast padding. (http://orthotape.com/gore_procel_cast_liner_waterproof_padding.asp).
For waterproof casting you will not need any stockinette. You will only need procel waterproof cast padding. For short arm casts, an easy to use form fit castliner has been developed. (http://orthotape.com/GORE_PROCEL_FORM_FIT_.asp) Simply apply either the padding or form-fit cast liner to the body part needing casting. You can use scotch tape to hold the form-fit liner in place. Then apply the fiberglass casting tape.
For Gore Procel Waterproof casts you will need to use either a deflex protective strip or a zip stick during cast removal.
The deflex protective strip (http://orthotape.com/GORE_DE_FLEX_Protective_Strip.asp) is applied under the fiberglass layer and on top of the padding. This will protect the patient during cast removal from any heat generated by the cast saw. This type of cast is much thinner than a traditional cast so you can see why this added protection is needed.
The Zip Stick (http://orthotape.com/GORE_Zip_Stick_CAST_REMOVAL_TOOL.asp) simply slides under the cast to protect the patient during cast removal.

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