Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cast Decorating Ideas Casttoo Castoo Tattoos arm leg cast draw repair broken cast

How can I decorate my cast?
If your ever in a cast.  Decorating the cast can be a fun way to keep your mind off the injury.

In a cast or have to have a cast put on your arm or leg. Here are some ideas to think about prior to getting your cast applied. There are a variety of different ways to decorate an arm or leg cast. Most doctors and cast technicians don't have access to all the new ideas for arm or leg cast decorating ideas and tips. Here we list a few ideas on how to decorate your cast or improve the look of your leg or arm cast.
1. Get a cool cast color
There are a variety of color choices to choose from. Colors such as purple, pink, red, green, orange, yellow can brighten your arm or leg during your duration in a cast. If you might have trouble keeping your cast clean you may want to choose a color like black or any of the other darker colors. Here is a link to a list of colors you may want to check out. If your doctor does not supply your color choice you may want to have it rush delivered to your home prior to your casting appointment so your doctor can apply the color you would like. Be sure to speak with them prior to any purchase.

2. Get a Casttoo Tattoo for your cast!

Casttoos are tattoos for your leg or arm cast. Trying to draw a design on your cast, especially a fiberglass cast can be difficult. Casttoos are very easy to apply. A simple hair dryer and a cast is all you need. The tattoo can be removed if you desire to change the design later and it is also waterproof. There are many designs and colors to choose from and a gift to a friend will surely make their time in a cast a happy one. Ship one to a friend or order one for yourself.

3. Choose printed casting tape.

Printed casting tape is can create a unique look to any cast. There are a variety of prints available from soccer, camouflage, pastel, and even dinosaurs and teddy bears. Most orthopedic cast room clinics will not carry printed casting tape due the cost of stocking it as inventory. However you can always purchase this item and have it shipped to your home prior to cast application. You can then take it to your appointment and your doctor can apply it to your cast. Be sure to speak with about this prior to making a purchase. You really only need 1 roll for a short arm cast, 2 rolls for a long arm cast or short leg cast, and maybe 3-4 rolls for a long leg cast. The printed casting tape can be applied on top of an existing cast. So the under layers can simply be white casting tape in color and then you can apply the printed casting tape on top or a unique design and look. You can purchase it by the single roll form by going to the following link.

Casting Tape by the roll:
Cast Padding by the roll.

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