Friday, March 27, 2009

XeroSox WaterProof Cast Protection Cover

If you're ever in a cast this is a must have. The only other alternative to keeping your cast dry during summer activities to to get the waterproof cast padding mentioned in our earlier post.

XeroSox was the original patent holder of this wonderful device. It has been sold under many other names. It features some unique properties:

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XeroSox® Uses:

Plaster casts – water simply destroys a plaster cast, and the wet skin underneath becomes macerated and breaks down.

Fiberglass casts – if you get a fiberglass cast wet, it stays wet and cold for hours afterwards. And it gets your clothes wet too!

PICC line protection – preventing PICC line infection is serious business, and keeping it clean and dry is essential.

External fixation, healing wounds – must be kept clean and dry to prevent infection.

Prosthesis protection – easier than prosthesis removal, and you can stand up in the shower, or in the waves.

Immediate post op hydrotherapy – prevent swelling from developing, increase joint mobility, speed recovery. Used by physical therapists and trainers for professional athletes.

Safe: No leaks!

With the patented vacuum seal, XeroSox® is the only protector that cannot leak. XeroSox® fits snugly and comfortably, telling you that it is maintaining an airtight, absolutely waterproof seal before you even get in the water. There are no surprises. You feel this watertight seal while you are showering, bathing, or even swimming and splashing about. It fits so well, you can’t even pull it off!

You know that it isn’t leaking because you can feel it!

All other cast protectors are loose bags that just try to keep water out with a tight cuff. You can’t tell if they are leaking or not, and when they move around or slip down, you get a leak. Not good enough.

Safe: Nonslip sole.

The unique nonslip molded sole is specially designed for smooth, wet, slippery surfaces. And because the nonslip tread is fitted snugly against the foot and cast, there is no slipping around inside XeroSox® either. The foot covered with XeroSox® actually has much better traction and stability than your bare foot.

Other cast protectors are incredibly slippery on wet surfaces, and also allow the foot and cast to slip and slide freely inside the loose bag. You basically have to balance on the uncovered “good” foot which is not a safe situation, especially when you are already recovering from an injury.

Get your XEROSOX Cast cover here:

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