Sunday, July 3, 2011

BrokenLeg Tibia Fibular Fracture Story of a Broken Leg or Arm

Ouch! Yes it's a brokenleg or broken arm.  If you have ever broken your leg or arm you know how difficult it can be to get around.  Most of the time you are stuck sitting on the couch surfing the net until your broken leg heals and the leg cast is removed.

Through your search you find many different thing regarding a broken leg.  What color cast you might get?  How you might decorate your leg cast?  Ways to take care of your cast?  Even little accessories for your crutches and ways to keep your cast clean and water free.  But often what is missing is to be able to communicate with another person who is going through the same thing you are going through.  Sitting on the couch with you brokenleg elevated on a pillow encased in fiberglass from your toes to your thigh.

What if you could tell your story of what happened?  How it happened? and also what you're feeling while stuck in this temporary body jail cell.  Often  you wish you could simply record your story so you wouldn't have to play it for everyone who asked you what happened?  Seem everywhere you go, all you get is a stare and a WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU??  Kind of seem like the same question over and over again you almost get sick of telling it.  Maybe even at times your tempted to embellish the story a bit of how you were skiing in Colorado or mountain biking in France.  But more than likely it's not as glamorous as that and  you just want to find someone who may have a similar story as you.  Perhaps they are looking for your broken leg story right now.
We'll I found it!  The perfect place to tell your story and hear from others who are broken and stuck in a cast just like you:

The Broken Bone Diaries were created for the user to be able to tell their story and pour their heart out of the frustration they are facing.  Go ahead get it a try.  It's sure to pass the time and help you get better!

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