Sunday, July 3, 2011

Itching Cast. Stopping the Itchy Cast

OMG my itching cast is driving me crazy!
Is there any way to get relief for this itchy cast?

At this very moment you'll put anything down there to get some relief from that itching cast.

There are many different options for relieving an itchy cast.

(1) You could try putting a wooden spoon down the cast and getting to that itch.  A ruler can often work for itching your cast as well. Helping you to reach the area that is inflicting its death grip on your skin.

One of the reasons you are having itching cast symptoms is due to bacteria on the skin. You have not been able to clean that part of your leg or arm for some time. The itch monster is now unleashing his buddies causing you to have an itchy cast.

(2) Sani-Cast is an option that can help to keep your cast clean and fresh while in a leg or arm cast. The folks at Sani-Cast came up with the idea to use a moist disc or pad on the end of a stick.  Sani-Cast allows you to clean the inside of your orthopedic cast. The pad is pre-moistened with a cleaning formula which quickly evaporates leaving your skin/cast liner smelling fresh and clean.

Having a clean cast is not only sanitary, but it helps keep the itchy cast under control. So if you're looking to stop an itchy cast, look no further. Try Sani-Cast today:

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