Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Casttoo Cast Tattoo - Cast decorating ideas.

Casttoo Cast Tattoo - Cast Decorating

casttoo cast tattoo tribal trends

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of being in a leg or arm cast. You know how difficult and embarrassing it may be when you have to go into the public. However, you can now feel good about showing off your cast. Casttoo and Supplies Central www.orthotape.com have teamed up to offer a unique decal you can apply to your orthopedic cast. Casttoo cast tattoos are fun and easy to apply to any cast.
There is a variety of designs in the casttoo brand and something will surely fit your style. One cool Casttoo for guys may be to have a Camouflage cast.

For the ladies, perhaps your appeal is more on the flowery side. Casttoo Butterfly and Sunflower seems to be a big hit and make quite the cool looking cast tattoo

For those into the tribal bands, this unique look is surely for you.

Casttoo cast tattoo is very easy to apply. First you peel off the decal from its backing. Then you simply place it on your cast where you would like it to be. Simply plug in a hair dryer and start warming up the Casttoo. The casttoo will begin to shrink some from the head and start to confirm to the bends in the cast. Casttoo is completely waterproof, so if you get it wet you won't have any troubles. In addition, you can always remove it very easy by prying under the edge and peeling it off. This way you can get another casttoo design if you change your mind during your term of wearing a cast.

Casttoo also makes a great gift. So if you know anyone who has broken a leg or arm. Why not cheer them up by sending them a cool casttoo.
Casttoo decals can ship out in about 3-4 business days by priority mail. If you choose 1st class mail you get the shipping for free.
Order Casttoo By Clicking Here

So if your in a leg cast, arm cast or know someone with a broken bone. Why not tell them about the fun they can have with Casttoo!

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