Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swim Cast Waterproof Cast Padding

Swim Shower or Bath in a waterproof orthopedic cast material called Gore Procel Castliner.

AquaCast ™ Liner will soon replace the PROCEL® Cast Liner.  

Gore Will discontinue in January of 2012
Doctors and Cast techs Email us at to find out how to get this new exciting product.

Save your summer vacation even if your in a cast.  Now with a unique waterproof cast padding you can swim in a cast, shower in a cast, bath in a cast, or do outdoor chores in a completely waterproof cast.

Gore Procel Waterproof Cast Liner is a completely waterproof material that keeps your cast dry and germ free! Making it a Completely Waterproof cast! Gore Procel Waterproof Cast Liner is a unique waterproof, breathable cast padding that allows you to continue your normal routine at home and at work without worrying about keeping your cast dry. Coming Soon AquaCast liner soon to replace Gore Procel as an alternative.

A waterproof cast is basically made up of:
(1) Waterproof Cast Padding and
(2) Fiberglass Casting tape.

Both of these items are completely waterproof.

You'll be happy you tried the Gore Procel Waterproof cast padding.  We have seen other imitations and even tried to sell them before.  We ended up choosing Gore Procel Waterproof cast padding for our product line as it out performed any other waterproof cast padding on the market.  The other waterproof cast padding product on the market appear to work well.  But it has been our experience that these items only received complaints from users regarding how the product worked.  We ended up discontinuing carrying those product and stuck with Gore Procel Waterproof Cast Padding.  So far to date we have never had a complaint about the product.  Both my wife and I have had the unfortunately experience of being in a cast.  Both times, we used the Gore Procel Waterproof Cast padding and were very happy we could still take a bath and soak.  Also very happy I could still swim in the cast as well.

If you want to take your chances with those other cheap padding options, feel free.  But remember "I TOLD YOU SO!" when it causes you irritation.

If you want to try a successful waterproof cast product.

Give the Gore Procel Waterproof liner a try:
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Get your waterproof Swim Cast kit at:

As a side note,  Gore Procel is soon to be discontinued.  However a cool company called AquaCast is creating a similar product as an alternative to the Gore Procel product.  The company is run by previous employees of Gore so they are working on a product of exactly the same quality as the Gore Procel product.
We look forward to a transition to this new product.  The company is ready to back up the product quality.

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