Saturday, July 2, 2011

Casttoo Cast Tattoo Stickers to Decorate your leg or arm cast

Cast Decorating with Casttoo

Casttoo is an unique cast decorating tattoo decal sticker created to improve your outlook while stuck in a cast. Patients often experience frustration while in a leg or arm cast. The goal of a Casttoo is to help your overall well being and improve your mood during the rehabilitation process. There are many different styles of Casttoo cast tattoo's to choose from. With Casttoo cast tattoos, you can give your cast a cool new makeover.

For instructions on how to apply Casttoo click below

Here is just a sample of the casttoo cast tattoo stickers available:

Casttoos are Unique fun way to decorate your orthopedic cast with stickers.
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