Saturday, July 2, 2011

MobiLegs Cool Crutches The crutch with flair by Mobi.

MobiLegs Ultra Cool Crutches

For years crutches have always been a difficult orthopedic medical device to use. Often patients complain of how they rub the underarms and also how the palms of your hands end up with blisters from long term use. More than likely the original crutch was made from the branch of a tree to help a patient get mobile. From that original design of the crutch till now, not much has changed other than going from wooden crutches to aluminum. Aluminum crutches are lighter

MobiLegs Ultra Crutches take comfort and style for crutches even further making them cool crutches to use. The Mobilegs Ultra crutch include an Ultra Plush Saddle, Ergonomic Handgrips and Ultra Rocker Feet. If you need to be on crutches for an extended period of time or just want the best the crutches on earth. The Ultra MobiLegs are a must have.

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Here are some of the unique features of this new crutch.

Articulating Underarm Saddle Pivots and Rotates.

Natural grip to your underarm and ventilated for air circulation.

Ergonomic Handgrips, no more sore palms like traditional crutches.

Increase hip clearance decreases tripping potential

A size to fit anyone and up to 300lbs capacity.

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